Students In MBA Programs Were Recently Given Some Reassuring News

Salary offers might not increase above what they were last year, but a majority of companies in 2011 report that they plan to hire students who graduate with an MBA. That’s according to a Graduate Management Admission Council survey that was a focus of a January Wall Street Journal article. For students working toward any type of degree, researching grants for single mothers and applying for any scholarships can help to reduce their debt. A few scholarships that MBA students might consider:

The American Association of University Women offers a variety of scholarships, fellowships and grants intended for women. Students seeking MBAs might look toward the association’s graduate assistance offerings, which include an American Fellowships program, a Women of Distinction program and Career Development Grants.

Golden Key International Honour Society member scholarships honors its members – in the form of Business Achievement Awards. Golden Key International Honour Society members who demonstrate academic success in their business studies might consider applying for these scholarships, which are awarded based at least in part on merit. Awards of $1,000 to $2,000 are provided to first- through third-place winners.

Scholarships from the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute for Latino students at different college and university academic levels are readily available. One of these offerings is a $5,000 scholarship that is provided by the caucus for full-time students to apply toward any graduate-level studies. Strong writing skills, financial needs and community or public service participation are among the areas that the caucus considers in awarding these scholarships to Latino students who apply. Keeping up to date with the newest developments on programs like these and scholarships schools, is important and will provide more opportunities.

Hispanic student scholarships from the National Society of Hispanic MBAs are designed for diligent grad students. Winning applicants from Hispanic backgrounds can apply National Society of Hispanic MBAs scholarships to part-time studies as well as full-time studies. To qualify, applicants must demonstrate financial need and academic merit and provide community service. The colleges and universities that National Society of Hispanic MBAs scholarships winners attend must be accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

The Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund offers undergraduate and graduate school scholarships for students of African-American backgrounds. Scholarships include a Gold Standard Scholarship program for students who are located within specific National Basketball Association (NBA) markets, Miller Coors scholarships for students participating in studies at a specific Mississippi university and other offerings. Thurgood Marshall Scholarship money can be applied to any historically black college or university in the United States.

Scholarships from the Accenture American Indian Scholarship Fund are designed for American Indian and Alaska Native students in undergraduate and graduate school programs. These scholarships at the graduate level are known as Accenture Fellows, and they are awarded based in part on tribal enrollment, merit and support for preserving the culture and communities of American Indians.

Students who obtain MBAs might concentrate on any number of careers. MBA salary ranges, according to, are $64,362 – $82,344 for senior financial analysts, to $105,751 – $207,186 for a CEO. Students can contact Education Connection to obtain their MBAs with the help of courses online and scholarships to enjoy their earnings even sooner.