Single Parents Can Get The Help They Need To Earn A Degree

Being a parent is difficult enough. But being a single parent is most definitely double the duty if the parent is also a student. When a single parent desires to move forward after they’ve had their child and onto a collegiate degree, there are actually options they can pursue to lift some of the financial burden. There are multiple single parent grants which are available from the government. These grants are specifically designed to assist parents in this situation.

The grants designed for schooling are received by more than 30 million people a year. These grants for single parents offer money to help pay for the single parent’s housing and tuition, as well as books and other living expenses. Parents can go online for all of the resources needed to get full details about Pell Grants for college and their options. These specialized single parent grants are carefully designed to help give single parents the opportunity to further their own education, which is something they probably are not able to do all on their own. Luckily, the government understands this fact and is willing to help.

The first step to locating an appropriate single parent grant is to contact the financial aid office of your university. Don’t be afraid to visit the campus in person, rather than making a phone call. The counselors are trained to find the best fit for the single parents. They will offer the proper navigation for the student seeking such information including paperwork, deadlines and mailing addresses.

The next step is making sure you are eligible. These grants typically require that you are seeking an undergraduate degree and that you have not ever been the recipient of a Bachelor’s degree. You must already have earned a high school diploma, or the other is the GED equivalent. Finally you must be a US citizen, as these single parent grants are government grants.

Once a single parent has confirmed they are eligible for his or her grant, the proper filing and meeting datelines of the applications is assessed by their assigned financial aid counselor.

Many benefits accompany these single parent grants. The single parents grant, like many others, is very popular because they do not have to be repaid. This is one reason they are very beneficial to single parents, among others. A grant is quite often the first source of monetary help that they may receive. These grants offer the free education anyone would want; however, there are strong protocols and strict requirements for this very reason.

Taking the time to look online for apply for a Pell Grant online is also a great way to track down great resources. A few places to look online for these grants begin with This is the perfect jump off point for single parents seeking financial aid for schooling. The site will lead grant applicants to even more helpful sites such as,, as well as

Thanks to these grants, becoming a single parent no longer rules out the possibility of a college education. There is no reason they should not have the same opportunity as other students. Education Connection Online can even help these parents earn an online degree from home.