Government Grants for New Applicants

Government Grants for New Applicants

There is a lot written on the net about government grants, however, since applying for government grants is rather complicated you may get yourself lost with so much information. This article intends to explain the basics about government grants, where to find them and what is needed to get approved.

Getting finance from a government grant can solve funding problems and the money doesn’t have to be repaid. Nevertheless, qualifying for a government grant is not an easy task and there are different requisites for each kind of grant. Though explaining each grant in detail exceeds the purpose of this article, we will give a general idea of what to expect when applying for government grants.

Types Of Grants

There are grants available for first time home buyers, for college students, for non profit organizations, for starting businesses, for small running businesses, and so on. Each type of grant is handled by a different government agency and of course, they have different requirements.

What all these different grants have in common is the fact that their purpose is to provide finance for those in an underprivileged situation in each particular field. That being said, it is important to make clear that the rule by which government grants are awarded is in most of the cases based on the needs of the applicants.


Due to the nature of government grants there is no such thing as a fixed set of requirements that the different grant types have in common. Generally speaking the underprivileged factor is an important variable; however, there are certain types of government grants that can be easily awarded to people in a good financial position. Government grants intended for production or services are the best examples of this.

There are also grants that are awarded if the applicant is resident in certain state or certain territory. The geographic variable can turn out to be very important as the federal government provides founds in order to reduce the differences. Being part of specific minorities can also be a requirement for approval. This is called positive discrimination or affirmative action and as the previous requisite it serves the purpose of reducing differences.

Though the above are all common requisites, they are not present on all government grant’s types and, as stated before, each grant has different requirements. Thus, there is no other choice than to obtain the specific forms and learn which are the requirements you need to meet in order to apply for a government grant.

Where To Find Them

There are many government agencies providing founding. Each agency has a web site where you’ll be able to find the information or at least a contact number to inquire about it. If you already know which type of grant you might be entitled to obtain, you can try to contact the government agency directly and get all the application forms and documentation needed.

However, if you are unsure or you would like to know which grants are available and what requisites you need for each specific grant, there are many online sites that can offer you all the information already packed from many government agencies in the same web portal so you won’t have to spend many ours doing research.

Federal Government Grants

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