Government Grants As A Debt Solution

Government Grants As A Debt Solution

Using a government grant as a debt solution is not a very popular option. In fact, for many, it’s just not an option they are aware of. Why, you may ask. Is it just too unrealistic? Does the government really give out money to pay off debts? In short, yes; but there is a little more to it than that. Read on to find out more.

Government grants are the most overlooked form of debt solution available. Everyone harps on about IVAs, debt consolidation, debt management and even bankruptcy gets more attention. All these solutions can see you debt free, but there are costs associated with them and it will usually take a few years too.

With a government grant, you can become debt free immediately. You will have no repayments to make & there are no up-front fees.

So if a government grant it is so good, why is it so overlooked?

Put simply, most people do not know about them. Everyone knows about government grants for small businesses & for charity’s, but not for the individual drowning in debt. Most people go straight to a debt solution company, who of course will not utter the words ‘government grant’ and ‘free’ – they want their big, fat, juicy commission fee!

So now you know all the advantages of a government grant, lets get down to business. How do you get one?

Firstly, the government is interested in boosting the economy, in helping the disadvantaged; this is the purpose of these grants. They are certainly not interested in helping you pay off your credit card bill or funding your holiday of a lifetime. If you think it’s that easy, you may as well stop reading now – this just isn’t for you. This article is to help individuals who, through no fault of their own, have found themselves in serious debt problems and have nowhere else to turn. It is intended to open up a solution that they didn’t know existed. One that can help them regain control of their finances & get on with their lives. If this is you, read on.

People find themselves in debt for a variety of reasons & often, it isn’t just overspending. The break-up of a marriage, death of a loved one or unexpected redundancy can launch a person into a sea of debt. If you are in a similar situation, you are much more likely to be accepted for a government grant.

Another factor that will be considered is your ability to repay your debts. Unfortunately for many, if you are managing to keep on top of your debts, you will struggle to get a government grant. They are set-aside for those who are really drowning in debt, with no hope of paying back the money they owe.

You are by no means guaranteed a government grant. In fact, for the majority, an alternative debt solution will be the only option. The key is being aware of government grants & checking to see if you are eligible. In the past, it has been overlooked through ignorance. Remember, there is nothing stopping you applying for one. at worst, you will be turned down & then you can look into other debt solutions – at least you will have tried!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity. If you are in a helpless situation – let a government grant help you”!

Federal Government Grants

Of course, there are other debt solutions. A government grant is the BEST solution. If you are not eligible for a government grant, these can still help you become debt free. Read about them at the free debt advice website. – Government grant writing isnt like writing an article or a letter, you need to include very specific, very detailed information so the decision makers have everything they need in order to choose you to receive the money. Most people prefer to keep their tips for success a secret, but you can still learn how to write a successful proposal and get the most out of your application. If you need more help with government grants writing, then you should check out http The site features a full database of government grants, as well as tutorials and samples to help you write the best proposal possible.

Federal Government Grants