Solar Panel Do It Yourself Solar System – What’s Stopping You?

In a minute I’m going to discuss a solar panel do it yourself solar system, but in the meantime, I have something else to share.

Let’s do some math: Energy costs are going up, up and up. Supplies of energy resources are going down, down, down. What is going to happen as the supplies continue to dwindle? Did someone say, high prices?

The shocking reality is most of the nations in the world have become enslaved to a global energy policy that makes no sense whatsoever. If you are waiting for the government to change things, you better not hold your breath.

The United States of America had a president in the late 1970’s who really tried his hardest to get us off this insane road we are on and turn us toward the direction of energy freedom through solar and renewable energy. His vision for the nation would have taken us someplace entirely different from where we are today, if we would have stayed the course.

We didn’t stay the course; not even for a little while. The very next president came in and tore down the solar panels the previous president had put on the white house (that happened to be look quite a bit like the solar panel do it yourself solar system), and he dismantled the energy program that was going to move us to energy freedom by now. That new president was completely owned by the energy companies, as has been every president since him.

So where does that put us today? We are fiscally and morally bankrupt and teetering on the edge of the greatest depression yet. It didn’t have to be this way. It could be so different.

So where does this leave us? Where does it leave YOU? Do you have any ideas? A plan of action? A step in the right direction for the sake of your grandkids and their grandkids? What is to be your family legacy?

Here is what you can’t do: sit around on your duff and wait for someone to save you. That is unAmerican. How about doing something to save yourself? Who is going to prevent you from building your own solar panels that you can connect to your home and immediately reduce your energy consumption from nonrenewable resources?

You can keep adding to your solar array until eventually, you might get to the point where you are off the grid. Or maybe you will stay on the grid so you can get the power companies to pay YOU for excess energy that you sell them!

Would that be amazing, or what? Wouldn’t if feel incredible to know you’ll never need to give a second thought about brown outs or black outs of any kind, and to be able to help your family achieve real independence? For that matter, who can stop you from beginning your own garden and enjoying the taste of real food once more, even as you are build your solar panel do it yourself solar system?

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