College And PELL Grants

US government is working so hard to help its citizen to have at least committed to any career training or having a higher education, it is because for Obama’s administration aim that “America will have the highest percent of college graduates all over the world”. Based on President Barack Obama’s speech dated last 24th of February 2009(

That’s also the main reason why Obama’s administration focused in supporting students and giving support for citizen to get a degree from then on. The government starts the help by funding different educational sectors, scholarships and college grants. Today’s administration also increased the budget for education to be able to help more American citizen students especially for those who are not capable to continue their college because of financial challenges.

Pell grant is one of the most common college grant which continuously supporting students through Student’s Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2009. It covers not only those newly grad secondary students but also for those parents or mom’s out there who wish to continue their studies and asking for financial or college aid from the government.

We can say that worldwide, each and every country across the world has different programs to help each citizen especially to encourage young man to finish their studies, continue their college and take vocational courses that can help them to have a better life and to their country to be a better place to live in the near future. PELL grant is one of the key to make this wish to be granted.

To give you some information about PELL grant, it is one of the easy and fastest ways to get an educational support. This grant prioritizing those who can’t afford to go to school or for those students that stopped for a while and can’t continue their studies anymore, PELL grant can help a lot for those in need to go and finish college in terms of financial and college support.

By the year 1965 PELL grant was first established. Each year this grant reported how they maintain or even increase the number of students that they help and graduated with PELL support. From 40% since they started up to now and continuously getting higher percentage of students which successfully graduated both from a year vocational course to 4 year course graduated students that PELL grants supports.

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