Government Grant Eligibility

Government Grant Eligibility

You have probably heard about government grants and are now looking for information to see if you are eligible to apply.  There are many frauds that you have to watch out for when applying for a government grant.  Many of the companies that offer to write your grant proposal or to give you all the information that is needed to apply yourself, are unscrupulous companies that are just after your up-front money.

Being forewarned is being forearmed.  Now that you know, you have to be careful and do research before putting up any money.  You can move on to the next step.  Finding out if you are eligible for government grant money.

Realistically most grants that are available are not meant for individuals, but for organizations.  As an individual, you can only apply for those grants that are open to you.  If you need personal financial aid or a small business loan there are other agencies that can help you.  The SBA (Small Business Administration) can help with your business needs as long as you fall within their guidelines.  For educational grants, you can look into student aid programs.  Finally, for personal financial assistance there are government programs such as Social Security or your state social services.

The most common organizations that are eligible for government grants are:

* Government organizations
* Educational organizations
* Public housing organizations
* Non-profit organizations
* For profit organizations, other than small business

Again, for an individual grant you have to do your homework and search out grants that are available to you.  There are many avenues available to do this.  You can look on the internet, go to your public library or you can find a reputable company that will assist you in your search.  It depends on how much personal effort you wish to put into it. 

If you choose to use one of the companies that offer grant service, then the first thing you need to do is to find one that is reliable.  Always check out reviews and references.  These should be made readily available to you.  If not, then you would have to wonder why and perhaps move on to another company. 

The usual fee for a grant company to charge can range from .00 – 0.00.  This fee will get you a search of grants that are available to you and depending on the company and the level of service you purchase they can even write the grant proposal for you. 

With a little bit of effort and research you can find and apply for government grants on your own.  If you choose to do so, just remember that help is always available.  You may just have to search for it. 

Basically, to qualify to apply for a government grant you must be a person who lives in the United States, and be a citizen or a resident.  Therefore, if you meet those criteria you are on your way!  Good luck in your endeavor and remember research is the key to success.

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