False Claims on Government Grants

False Claims on Government Grants

There are many sites out there making incredible claims about how they can get thousands of dollars for you for free by getting for you government grants. You need to be well aware that most of these claims as false. Though there are sites offering legit advice on how to apply and get approved for government grants, there are others that claim to offer approval themselves that are nothing but scams.

Getting approved for a government grant is not necessarily a complicated process. However, for those who ignore procedures, getting aid and advice from online sites that provide loan and grants mediation services can be advantageous. Those offering aid and teaching you how to apply may be legit but those who claim to have pre-approved grants or those who charge you not for advice but for the actual grant should be treated with mistrust.

Government Grants

A grant is a contribution from a unit of government (agency) for a specific purpose. It is an award of financial assistance including cooperative agreements in the form of money given by the federal or state government to an eligible grantee. The money obtained from a grant is not repayable and it is awarded according to the needs of the applicant.

Mainly, the eligibility criteria for grants are either merit or need. Thus, little or no importance has the applicant’s credit history in the approval process of a government grant. Income does have importance but an opposite roll than it usually has in loan approval processes. Since the need is an important factor, those with enough income to support needs or qualify for a loan are seldom awarded a grant unless there is merit involved.

False Claims About Government Grants

It is often said that the federal government distributes hundreds of millions of dollars on grants every year and that most of this money remains unclaimed. However, truth is that there is not nearly as much money available and that the application and qualification is not so easy. Given that the money does not need to be returned, the awarding is complicated because after all, the money belongs to the tax contributors.

Many sites claim that they can ensure you approval for a government grant. In order to justify these claims they say that they are experts, that they know inside agents, etc. Truth is that the requirements for qualification and approval are fixed and that if you do not meet them, there is nothing that any agent or counselor can do for you to get awarded a government grant.

It is also stated commonly that it is possible to speed up the process by hiring the services of agents. The approval process is the same for everyone and no speeding up is possible. There is a lot of documentation that comes and goes and this takes a lot of time. There are specific days for applying and specific days for awarding. Thus, you should not believe those who say that they can speed up the process.

Not all sites are scams, some offer legit services. Those who provide aid in filling applications, which provide explanations and documentation on all government agencies, addresses, etc. are genuine counselors that can aid you in the process of getting approved. And above all, those who are legit will charge a small fee for their counseling services and not a huge amount for getting a grant for you.

Federal Government Grants

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